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Joanne Setzer

Gif Animation



I chose this topic because I wanted to know how to make an animated Gif.

This report summarizes what I learned about Gif Animation, and is intended to assist

other students in learning to make animated Gifs, particularly those who,like myself,

work on a PowerMac with FrontPage1.0.



Procedure (for the Jack-O-Lantern below):

Step One: I used Color It software to draw two separate frames for the animation and saved them as PICT.

StepTwo: Using "drag and drop", I opened GifBuilder and collected the frames.

Step Three: I set the options-interframe delay,frames position and looping.

Step Four: I checked the animation by running it from the Animation menu.

Step Five: I saved the animation in my FrontPage file.







After making an animated Gif and viewing websites that feature Gif animation, I have come to appreciate

the consideration a webdesigner must give to the viewer when making decisions about using animated Gifs

in web page design. Some animations may annoy and distract the viewer. Gif animation should be used sparingly

and only when appropriate or absolutely necessary. When used effectively, it can add an expressive touch to a web page.







Clipart Connection Here is the site where I found the "Cat Eyes"and "Bat" animations (above), and "Halloween Ghost"and


Animation Factory Here is where I found "Falling Leaves"(below). Variety of GIF Animations

GIF Animation Refresher Excellent tutorial Site where I downloaded GIF Builder



More Links for Gif Animation:

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Gif Animation Tutorial:

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Revised October25,1999

by Joanne Setzer,Email,

for CIS212, Cuyamaca College